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Department of Near Eastern Studies

Cornell University Cornell University Near Eastern Studies

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Younes, Munther A

Senior Lecturer

phone: 607/255-2769

Department Appointments

  • Near Eastern Studies (NES)
  • Younes, Munther A

Graduate Fields

  • Near Eastern Studies


Arabic linguistics (phonetics, phonology, morphology, sociolinguistics, and comparative/historical dialectology), teaching Arabic as a foreign language, the language of the Qur’an, comparative Semitic linguistics.

Selected Publications


The Integrated Approach to Arabic Instruction, Routledge 2015.

Arabiyyat al-Naas, Part III, (for third-year Arabic), with Yomna Chami, Routledge 2014.

Arabiyyat al-Naas, Part II, (for second-year Arabic), with Hanada al-Masri, Routledge, 2013.

Arabiyyat al-Naas, Part I (for first-year Arabic), with Makda Weatherspoon and Maha Saliba Foster, Routledge 2013.

Kalila wa Dimna for Students of Arabic, Routledge 2013.

The Routledge Introduction to Qur'anic Arabic, Routledge 2012


“Solving the Arabic Language Dilemma: First Steps”. To be published in a Festschrift in honor of Prof. El-Said Badawi in 2015. 

“Blessing, Clinging, Familiarity, Custom -- or Ship: A New Reading of the Word Īlāf  in Q 106”, accepted for publication by the Journal of Qur’anic Studies.

“Angels, Death, the Soul, Stars , Bows--or Women?: The Opening Verses of Qur’an 79.” New Perspectives on the Qur’aan: The Qur’an in Its Historical Context 2”. Edited by Gabriel Said Reynolds. London and New York: Routledge 2011.

“In Suffering or in Honor: A Reinterpretation of Q 90 (al-Balad)”, Die Entstehung einer Weltreligion I. Edited by Markus Groß and Karl-Heinz Ohlig. Berlin/Tübingen: Verlag Hans Schiller 2010.

“Ingrate or Honorable: A reexamination of the word kanuud in Qur’an:100”. )”, Arabica 56, 2009.

“Charging Steeds or Maidens Doing Good Deeds: A Re-Interpretation Of Qur’an 100 (Al-‘Aadiyaat)”, Arabica 55, 2008.

’I‘raab, Power, and Language Reform in the Arab World”, Al-‘Arabiyya 40-41, 2008.


 “Bringing Hamza under Control:  A Proposal for Simplifying Hamza-Writing Rules in Arabic”. Al-'Arabiyya 38-40, 2008.

“Integrating the Colloquial with Fusha in the Arabic-as-a-Foreign-Language Classroom”, in Handbook for Arabic language teaching professionals in the 21st century (edited by Kassem M. Wahba, Zeinab A. Taha, Liz England).Mahwah, N.J. : Lawrence Erlbaum Associates, 2006.

“Redundancy and productivity in Palestinian Arabic verb derivation”, in Proceedings of the Third International Conference of AIDA (Association Internationale de Dialectologie Arabe),  2000. 

 "An Integrated Curriculum for Teaching Elementary Arabic,"  The Teaching of Arabic in the 1990’s: Directions and Issues, 1995.

"On Vowel Shortening in Palestinian Arabic," Perspectives on Arabic Linguistics VII: Papers from the Seventh Annual Symposium on Arabic  Linguistics, 1995.

"On Emphasis and /r/ in Arabic," Perspectives on Arabic Linguistics VI: Papers from the Sixth Annual Symposium on Arabic  Linguistics,  1994.

"An Integrated Approach to Teaching Arabic as a Foreign Language," Al-‘Arabiyya

23, 1990.