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Alumni Spotlight: Sarah Cutler '16

November 30, 2017

Sarah Cutler ’16 graduated from Cornell University with a Bachelor of Arts in Near Eastern Studies and Government. After graduation, she joined Booz Allen Hamilton’s Tampa office to work with U.S. military clients on target audience analysis, strategic messaging and other efforts to counter violent extremist organizations. Thanks to her four years studying Arabic on campus and in Cornell’s al-Mashriq program in Amman, Jordan, she was able to help translate and edit Arabic documents for her team. In August, she also had the opportunity to travel with her team to a U.S. Marines-sponsored symposium in Aqaba, Jordan.

In September, Sarah moved back to Washington, D.C. Still with Booz Allen, Sarah provides research and analysis to help improve a variety of Department of Defense processes. In the long term, Sarah hopes to work in the intelligence community.

Sarah writes: “One of the most rewarding parts of the work I’ve done has been collaborating with native Arabic speakers to accurately translate documents to reflect not only their literal meaning, but also the authors’ style and intended tone. I’ve been lucky to have mentors with substantial experience in this field there to show me the ropes – that’s made all the difference.”

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Sarah Cutler