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Congrats to our May 2017 NES graduates!

May 31, 2017

Near Eastern Studies – Class of 2017

Bachelor of Arts:

Xinyi Chen

Near Eastern Studies

Minor in Jewish Studies

Keep calm and learn whatever you want.

Thanks to the professors, I absolutely enjoyed the four fulfilling years as an undergraduate. I would not be able to forget the First year writing seminar guided by Professor Powers, Arab literature by Dr. T, Origins of Monotheism with Professor Monroe, two classes on history of Iran taught by Professor Gocheleishvili, Intro to Quranic Arabic by Professor Younes, Theory and Methods by Professor Fahmy, research seminar and independent study with Professor Starr, four years of Hebrew with Professor Shoer and Professor Scharf, and the fabulous lunch series. You are my inspirations :)

Amatunoor Yahya Frederickson

Near Eastern Studies

Minor in History

As an NES major, I found my passion to study the histories, languages, societies of the Middle East; a discipline I regard as a hidden treasure and one that prepares students for a wide variety of career options.

Thank you to all my professors for making this a fruitful experience!

Kenton Geoffrey Hamlin

Near Eastern Studies

Magna cum laude honors in Near Eastern Studies

  • Worked as the Grace Moak Miesel Asian Art intern and the Provenance research intern at the Johnson Museum

  • Presently weighing various job opportunities versus starting his own business. May plan to apply for an MBA program in the future.

Louisa Jane Hoffman

Near Eastern Studies & Government

My NES courses have broadened the lens through which I interpret current events, and have deepened my understanding of the multitude of factors and players that are often left out of media coverage.
Thank you for your infinite patience when I was struggling to grasp a new concept, and your willingness to match my excitement when I grasped a new topic or contributed to the class discussion.

Magdalene Tirzah Murphy

Near Eastern Studies & Spanish

 I’m so glad I chose NES as my major, it has allowed me to grow and learn in a way that I don’t think I could have anywhere else at Cornell.  I’ve never regretted filling out the major form!

I want to thank my professors, especially my advisor Professor Lauren Monroe and Professor Kim Haines-Eitzen, for leading me to understand things in so many new ways and for being there to help me grow academically and personally; I could not have made it to graduation without them.

Eleanor Rose Reppy

Near Eastern Studies & Anthropology

  • President of Haven, Cornell’s LGBTQ student union
  • Excavated at Abel-beth-maachah archaeological site in Israel
  • Pursue a job in the restaurant industry


Donald Louis Quinones II

Bachelor of Science in Industrial and Labor Relations

James Cheung

Bachelor of Arts in Biological Sciences

Tracy Doumit

Bachelor of Arts in Chemistry and Chemical Biology

Ryan Norton

Bachelor of Arts in Government

Peter Simon

Bachelor of Arts in Government & History

Jessie Weber

Bachelor of Arts in Government

Double Minor in Psychology

Cornell University Klezmer Ensemble performing at the NES graduation ceremony, May 2017