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Fullfill your language requirement by taking Modern Hebrew!

October 26, 2017

Looking to fulfill your language requirement for the College of Arts & Sciences? Consider taking Modern Hebrew.

Whether you are preparing for travel abroad or are passionate about achieving fluency in a language that is important to you, when studying Hebrew at Cornell you will be part of a close knit group of students and faculty. Courses are built to enhance not only contemporary communication skills, but also to give students a window through which to understand the past. So, join us in learning about the many aspects of Jewish and Israeli culture, society, literature and history!

Courses offered through the Department of Near Eastern Studies introduce students to the culture, language and literature of modern Israel. The courses support students at their current level of Hebrew but also focus on continuing the development and enhancement of the student's command of grammar as well as writing, reading, speaking, and comprehension.

A complete list of Modern Hebrew courses offered in Spring 2018 can be found here,