'Modern Persian' an innovative textbook by Dr. Gocheleishvili

June 25, 2020

Senior lecturer Iago Gocheleishvili's recently published textbook, Modern Persian, Elementary Level: Like a Nightingale (Anthem Press, 2020), was noted by the reviewers for its innovative style and unique features that raise the standard for Persian language teaching materials and make for an ideal  textbook for the new generation of students of Persian. The textbook is a culturally engaging, integrated, and innovative way for beginners to acquire functional proficiency in colloquial and written Persian. Dr. Gocheleishvili has been teaching the Persian language at Cornell University for the past fifteen years and has published over a dozen of academic papers and book chapters in the fields of Persian and Iranian Studies.

Like and Nightingale is a textbook of modern Persian language spoken in Iran. It is intended for university-level learners and features material for two consecutive semesters of elementary Persian. The book aims at furthering the field of Persian language instruction by introducing an innovative and new type of textbook that draws on the combination of most modern and recent trends in second language instruction, including flipped learning, communicative language teaching methodology and student-centered approach to classroom instruction. Complete with a companion website, over 300 video and audio presentations, audio dictionary of over 1000 entries, and a special appendix for instructors that features classroom activity material for the entire year, this innovative textbook is available in print and e-book formats. 

Modern Persian book cover