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The College of Arts Sciences

Persian fulfills Arts & Sciences language requirement

November 2, 2017

Looking to fulfill your language requirement for the College of Arts & Sciences? Consider taking Persian.

Persian is a sought-after language in international organizations, development and aid agencies, government agencies, journalism, think tanks and NGOs. There is a demand but a low supply of qualified Persian-speaking experts. Many of our students study Persian every year to prepare for employment in government agencies and international organizations. Our students are also often graduate students working in the fields of history, literature and art pertaining to India, Central Asia and Turkey. Persian is a necessary skill for scholars who carry out field work and research on art, literature, history of Central Asia, Caucasus, Iran and Anatolia.

Persian, an Indo-European language related to English and German, was the vehicle of a rich and diverse Persianate culture that linked people from areas extending beyond Iran into the Indian subcontinent, Central Asia, Caucasus and Anatolia. Until the mid-19th century, Persian was the official language of the Indian subcontinent, and Ottoman Turkish and Urdu (Pakistan) languages have been heavily influenced by Persian in their structure and vocabulary. It is the language of more than 110 million people around the world and is the official language of Iran (as Farsi), Afghanistan (as Dari) and Tajikistan (Tajik) – three vitally important countries for U.S. foreign affairs in the Middle East and Central Asia.

A complete list of Persian classes offered in Spring 2018 can be found here,