Tel Dor: Four Thousand Years Uncovered

By: Ayla Cline, 
August 31, 2018

Area G at Tel Dor, Israel, is a site that was occupied, more or less continuously, for four thousand years, from the Middle Bronze Age to the Roman era. This year, Jeffery Zorn, adjunct associate professor in the Department of Near Eastern Studies, and his colleagues, A. Gilboa, Ilan Sharon, and S. Matsckevich, celebrate the publication of the first three of six volumes of the site report. Excavations at Dor, Final Report, Volume 11A - Area G, The Late Bronze and Iron Ages: Synthesis, Architecture and Stratigraphy, and subsequent volumes 11B and C, provide an incredible retrospective on who lived, worked and died at the site. Area G is the only excavation area in the center of the tel, chosen specifically to give an idea of the nature of the urban core of the site. Excavation began in 1986 and finished in 2004.


Jeffrey Zorn and Ilan Sharon, two of the co-authors of the recently published report on early G, show off copies of their new volumes.