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The College of Arts Sciences

Visiting doctoral students researches U.S. international policy

April 3, 2018

Jihed Hadroug, a visiting international student from France, is focused on U.S. and Middle Eastern studies and public diplomacy. He recently participated in a graduate research exchange through the College of Arts and Sciences and he talks about his experiencs in this article on the Global Cornell website.

"My thesis topic had an exciting yet challenging interdisciplinary nature, " he writes. "The good news was that Cornell offered seminars in different fields of relevancy to my research project—like international relations, Near Eastern studies, law and government. The better news was that I could enroll for whichever I wanted. It was a genuine opportunity to cross these disciplines’ traditional boundaries and draw conclusions across them. Cornell also ranks among the best universities in the world, with its internationally renowned professors, incredibly resourceful libraries, and a campus unique in its vastness and beauty."

Read about Hardoug's time at Cornell in the Global Cornell article.