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Featured Course: The Bible and American Ethics (NES 4548)

Professor Lauren Monroe          4 credits       Wednesday 8:00-9:55am

This course will focus on the array of perspectives offered in the Hebrew Bible and New Testament on such contemporary social issues as: immigration; abortion rights, surrogate childbirth, gay marriage, gender identity, etc.  We will consider the range of voices the Bible preserves on these and other topics, and how biblical texts and biblically-based arguments shape and inform American political discourse. Students will be expected to read biblical texts on their own terms in their ancient Israelite and early Christian contexts, as well as to consider how those texts have been received within Jewish and Christian interpretive traditions, and absorbed into American political thought.  Students will read political theory, Jewish and Christian ethics, recent newspaper and magazine articles and will also consider other forms of media.   

[Being an NES major] was a wonderful experience where I got to learn about the history, cultures, and languages of an incredibly beautiful and influential region of the world.

— Matthew Sobiesk, Class of 2016

Undergraduate Major

The Major in Near Eastern Studies takes an interdisciplinary approach to the study of the Near East by exploring the languages, literature, cultures, religions and history from antiquity to the modern day. The major will also help prepare you for graduate study of the Near East. 

Here are some courses being taught in Spring 2017: