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The United States and Middle East Wars (NES 2694)

3 credits           

Offered: Summer 2017 (3 Weeks) May 31 - Jun 23, 2017

Instructor: Kyle Anderson (Graduate Student, Department of Near Eastern Studies)

A new course following US foreign policy from Jefferson's fight against Barbary pirates to Trump's recent strikes in Syria. Throughout the course we'll emphasize practical skills such as evidence-based argumentation and critical thinking.

Enrollment Info:

In NES, I found a small, supportive community inside of the sometimes-overwhelmingly large Arts college. Professors in NES provided so many opportunities to keep learning outside the classroom, including Arabic dinners on West campus, film screenings, and brown-bag lunches to talk about Egyptian politics. I loved the diversity of views present at these more casual events, where students were encouraged to exchange ideas with one another.

— Sarah Cutler, Class of 2016

Immigration Order: Updates & Resources

Click on the button above to access a resource for faculty and students concerning the Jan 27 presidential executive order on immigration.

The Department of Near Eastern Studies unequivocally condemns the Executive Order on immigration issued on 27 January, 2017 in the strongest terms. This order will harm tens of thousands of innocent people, including many graduate and undergraduate students, staff and faculty at Cornell University. We stand side-by-side with other departments, universities, and academic associations across America in demanding the annulment or withdrawal of this discriminatory Executive Order.