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The Major in Near Eastern Studies takes an interdisciplinary approach to the study of the Near East by exploring the languages, literature, cultures, religions and history from antiquity to the modern day. The major will also help prepare you for graduate study of the Near East. 

Here are some courses being taught in Fall 2016:

I feel fortunate to have interacted with so many brilliant individuals in a setting that was both academic and personal. The Near Eastern Studies program has facilitated an atmosphere of camaraderie and provided space for dynamic, divergent interests to coalesce.

— Arwah Yaqub, Class of 2016

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Featured new course:

NES 4633- New Directions in Near Eastern Archaeology

Friday 10:10-12:35     L. Khatchadourian      4 credits

"I’m looking forward to exploring with students the big ideas and newest methods that are animating Near Eastern archaeology today, making it a vibrant, important and relevant field of study," says Lori Khatchadourian, assistant professor of Near Eastern Studies.