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The Department of Near Eastern Studies serves as the central hub of teaching and research on the Near East for Cornell University.  

The “Near East”—as defined by the department—extends from Morocco (and medieval Spain) across North Africa, through Egypt, the Levant (Israel and Palestine, Syria, Lebanon, and Jordan), Turkey and South-West Asia. We offer courses on a wide array of subjects important for understanding the breadth of Near Eastern civilizations, including language, literature, history, linguistics, archaeology and religion.

Career Development:

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Meet our Grad Students:

Meet some of our wonderful grad students. For a look at their Q&A's, click on their names below!

  • Kyle Anderson- Modern Middle East history
  • Kiley Foster - Islamic Spain, and the cultural and economic history of the Medieval Islamic world
  • Cale Staley - Hebrew Bible, Near Eastern Archaeology, Achaemenid Persia and the Digital Humanities including Text Analysis, Digital Mapping and 3D Modeling

The NES major not only gave me a wonderful liberal arts education, but also helped me to discover a more diverse range of courses and interests than I could have imagined. I am extremely grateful to the supportive, approachable faculty of this department for sharing their passions with me.

— Julia Pascale, Class of 2016