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Near East, Middle East, Southwest Asia & North Africa

Near Eastern Studies

We offer undergraduate and graduate students the opportunity to study the languages, literatures, cultures, religions and history of regions from ancient Sumer to the modern Middle East. We also help to educate students and the wider academic community about  cross-cultural, trans-historical and inter-religious issues related to the region.


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Major in Near Eastern studies

Interested in exploring the languages, literatures, cultures, religions, and history of the Middle East from antiquity to the modern day? Consider pursuing a major in Near Eastern studies.

We also offer undergraduate minors in Arabic and Near Eastern studies.

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Take a class

Explore the diversity of the Middle East in a class like "Wondrous Literatures of the Near East" (NES 2754) or "Islam and Gender" (NES 2270).

We offer classes on a wide range of topics, regions, and time periods of the Middle East.

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Study a Near Eastern language

Take Arabic, Hebrew, Turkish, or Persian to fulfill the College of Arts & Sciences language requirement!

We also offer instruction in some of the ancient Middle Eastern languages like Akkadian and Biblical Hebrew.

See all of the Middle Eastern languages taught in the department.

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Foster Child: A Midcentury Jewish American Boyhood

Isaac Kramnick

Edited by: Ross Brann

Occasional Publications of the Program of Jewish Studies and the Department of Near Eastern Studies #7, 2022