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The Department of Near Eastern Studies serves as the central hub of teaching and research on the ancient Near East and Modern Middle East for Cornell University. We offer courses on a wide array of subjects important for understanding the breadth of Near/Middle Eastern civilizations, including archaeology, culture, history, language, literature, and religion.

The Department of Near Eastern Studies takes an interdisciplinary approach to the study of the Near/Middle East by exploring the languages, literature, cultures, religions and history from antiquity to the modern day. 


Kroll Travel Award

The Kroll Travel Award, in honor of Professor Ross Brann, is potentially offered to students traveling to the middle east during summer 2019 to participate in academically recognized archaeological digs and/or other academic programs. Awards will range from $250-$1000 and are open to Graduate & Undergraduate students. Awards will be made based on the quality of the proposed project and its connection to Near Eastern Studies.

The deadline for submission is April 1. Submit proposals to Christianne Capalongo by e-mail or in person to 409 White Hall.

Applications must include:     

  • Project proposal
  • Budget (including documentation of costs when possible)
  • Brief description of other funding sources
  • Letter of recommendation from one of your Cornell professors.