Kroll Travel Prize

The Kroll Travel Prize, in honor of Professor Ross Brann, is potentially offered to students traveling to the Israel or the Palestinian Territories during 2024 to participate in academically recognized archaeological digs and/or other academic programs. 

The deadline for submission is March 22, 2024

  • Up to three $1,000 prizes will be awarded
  • Prizes will be determined based on the quality of the proposed project and its connection to Near Eastern Studies.
  • Competition is open to Cornell full-time Graduate & Undergraduate students. Students must be enrolled and in good academic standing.
  • Prizes are contingent on Cornell approval of travel. All student travelers or faculty-led trips to Israel are now required to submit an ITART petition to be reviewed by IHSS and the ITART Committee. Travelers planning on going to Israel are also required to seek pre-approval from Cornell's insurance company. The insurance pre-approval process is required for all travelers (faculty, staff, and students) and is separate from the ITART petition (which is required for all students and faculty traveling with students).

Applications must include:

  • Project proposal (1-2 pages)
  • Itemized budget (costs for transportation, food, lodging, etc).
  • List of other funding sources, including amount of support
  • Letter of recommendations from one of your Cornell professors

Please submit proposals by email to Chris Capalongo by March 22, 2024. 

Upon returning to the United States, awardees must submit: a brief written report; 1-2 images of themselves in the field; and an account of funds spent.

 I never imagined that I would be able to pursue both my academic and religious interests at such a high level in one summer. - Jeremy Zarge '25

I learned and experienced many things during my stay in Israel and am deeply appreciative of Kroll for providing me this opportunity. - Jay Weimar M.A. Archaeology