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Ongoing research in our department encompasses a multitude of disciplines including the cuneiform tablets of ancient Iraq, Islamic history and law, the archaeology of Southwest Asia, medieval Judeo-Arabic, biblical studies, religion in late antiquity, comparative linguistics, modern Egyptian history, medieval Arabic literature, and modern literature and film.

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stack of faculty authored books

Current Research Projects:

  • A Sacred and Sonorous Desert in Late Antiquity (Haines-Eitzen)
  • Andalusi Moorings: Al-Andalus & Sefarad as Tropes of Muslim and Jewish Culture (Brann)
  • Tidings from Sheba: Ancient Israel in Light of Evidence from Pre-Islamic Arabia (L. Monroe)
  • Excavations at Dor, Final Report, Volume 11A,B,C (J. Zorn)

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Associate Professor Deborah Starr

Featured Faculty Research:

Deborah Starr, Associate Professor, Department of Near Eastern Studies

Starr researches and reconstructs stories of diversity in the Middle East and analyzes the films of Egyptian Jew Togo Mizrahi as studies in how the sociopolitical climate of the region moved from inclusion to exclusion.
In an article for Cornell Research Starr discusses her research. “When you see the continued factionalism in that region today, it’s all the more important to understand that there was this coexistence,” Starr says, “and that the kind of sectarianism we have now was not inevitable.”