Alumni Spotlight: Anna Kawar '06

Anna started her time at Cornell initially planning on going to medical school; however, after taking courses in areas such as sociology, Near Eastern Studies, history, etc., she decided to broaden her possibilities for a future career. After graduation, Anna landed at the Institute for Healthcare Improvement in Boston, working under the renowned physician, Don Berwick. Anna fell in love with continuous quality improvement: a methodology originating from industry and manufacturing but beginning to find its way into the social sector. After attending Duke University and receiving an MPP & MBA, Anna continued her pursuit of quality, equity, and outcomes in the social sector. She joined the Carnegie Foundation for the Advancement of Teaching in San Francisco and worked with school districts and Depts of Education across the country to improve student outcomes. She then co-founded Leading through Connection; a leadership development organization focused on Compassionate Leadership.

Moving across the country to Atlanta, GA right before Covid, Anna joined the Boys & Girls Clubs of America where she is now happily situated as a Senior Director for Implementation & Impact, with a new house and many motorcycle friends. Anna's goal is to improve the quality and efficacy of nonprofits and social sector organizations, and she continues to consult and sit on Boards in that respect. She thinks back to her time at Cornell fondly and looks forward to her upcoming 20-year reunion in 2026!

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